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 Broly Undead? Sunday - 4/26/2009
Some would probably ask why I would put a Dragonball Z character on this site when it has nothing to do with zombies....but my point is that if you've seen any of the Broly movies they made with Dragonball Z then you would see that this guy just won't die. I mean, let's face it,this guy has been killed three consecutive times and there's no telling if they would ever try another way to bring this guy back from the dead again,cuz this guy is just a pure killing machine running on a high octane of adrenaline. That's why I consider him to be temporarily undead since he seems to have no end to his destructive ways and an Undead Broly is a scary thing,this guy is basically just a beast of immense power. Nuff said!
6/4/2009 5:17:10 PM
I agree I thought him as dbz's version of the hulk too bad the second and third movies wasn't that good I would like to see a action movie on him but it would probably be fucked up

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