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 Cops and Pencils Arrive At Universal Tuesday - 12/11/2007
So over the past few weeks fans have been sending the CEOs of the six major entertainment conglomerates pencils to show they support a fair deal for the writers of the shows they love (Link). The WGA has, thus far, accumulated over 500,000 pencils.

Today was the day we attempted to deliver the pencils to the studios. Joss Whedon led the way on the first delivery to NBC...which was refused at the gate. Disney also refused delivery. But when we got to Universal, the studio didn’t bother leaving the job to their own gate guards or security, but instead called the LAPD. Three squad cars blocked the gates and the police threatened to arrest us all for "trespassing" (including members of the public who may have been there for a special picket with the stars and creator of "Heroes"). They were incredibly aggressive. And in case you think it wasn’t the studio who called them out, the lead officer said, "I speak for Universal."

Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to accept the two laundry bins of pencils, send them to shipping, and donate them to charity (as the Guild will now do)? It just goes to show how, by default, these companies "deal" with a hammer. And in the case of Universal, a fist.

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