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ZombieFriends FAQ

Zombie Profile Q's

  • How do I add a picture to my gallery?
    From your grave click on the add/edit pictures, this will take you to your personal gallery.
  • How do I make a picture in my gallery my profile pic?
    Click the button "Profile Pic" that is below the picture you wish to make your profile pic.
  • How do I change my zombie name?
    In your grave click the "edit my info" link, here you will find a place to edit your zombie name. No need to create another profile, as duplicates will be deleted.
  • How do I change my password?
    Click the "edit my info" link, check the "change password" and enter a new password, confirm the password. Then hit the "Save info" at the bottom of the page.
  • How do I change my email address?
    Click the "edit my info" link, change your email address and hit the "Save Info" at the bottom of the page.
  • How do I edit my zombie friends?
    From your Grave, click the edit link at the bottom of My Zombies section.
  • What is a quick shout?
    Well it is a place that you can easily edit from your Grave, you can put anything in there. We suggest you put your style sheet in there.
  • How do I add a style sheet to my profile?
    We suggest that you add this to your Quick Shout section. You can add this to your "My Info Section" anywhere the general, movie, or music section.
  • How do I add a background to my page?
    There is only one way to do this and this is through the use of Style Sheets aka CSS. If you need help with your CSS there are many online place or you can ask someone who's got a profile you like or just view the source of someones profile that you like.
  • Why does my page's display all messed up?
    You are most likely missing a < or > tag and you should check your code for missing < or >'s. Also you might want to consider the that a great profile can be created with only 10-15 lines of css. Take a look at yours and cause you might have alot of un-needed code, especially if you used a generator.
  • How do I delete a comment I left on someones zombie profile?
    Go to where you left your comment and below your picture click on the red "delete" link. This will remove the comment.
  • How do I delete a comment someone left on my zombie profile?
    Go to comment that was left and click the red "delete" link. This will remove the comment.
  • Help someone is impersonating me.
    If you are a celebrity and someone is impersonating you, go ahead and create a profile and let Ty or Birch. We will mostly likely require you to provide some kind of proof.
  • Help something on Zombie Friends doesn't work?
    Let Ty or Birch know and we will take care of it.
  • Help someone is harassing me!
    Let Ty or Birch know and we will take care of it as harrassing zombies is not advised.

Club Zombie Q's

  • How do I add a movie review?
    Go to Club Zombie, click on the Movie Reviews link on the left. From there click the "have at it" link at the top.
  • How do I add a book review?
    Go to Club Zombie, click on the Book Reviews link on the left. From there click the "have at it" link at the top.
  • Review Etiquette.
    If you don't like someone else's review of the movie, hold your tongue. Take the high road and create your own review of the book/movie and do not comment on someone else opinion of the book/movie. These comments are not productive and do not help anyone.
  • How do I add a movie trailer?
    Let Ty or Birch know and we will put it up.
  • I thought of something you guys need to make for the site.
    Go to Club Zombie, click on the "More Brains" link on the left. This is where you can suggest something for Zombie Friends to add. Your input is always appreciated.
  • How do I become a Zombie of the Month?
    There is no guaranteed way of becoming a Zombie of the Month. Though you may campaign for the ZOTM, nothing wrong with that. What you can NOT due is create additional profiles to vote multiple time. As that practice is also not allowed and may possibly get you banned or deleted.

How do I get myself deleted or banned?

  • Displaying too much personal information.
    This means putting up your phone number, displaying your email address. Basically do not put anything on your zombie profile that you wouldn't want some creepy old guy to see. If you do encounter a creepy old guy/gal let us know.
  • Creating duplicate profiles.
    This is not needed for any reason what-so-ever, nope no reason. Just say No!
  • Spamming zombies profiles and private messages with advertising.
    Nobody likes this and is just a waste of your time(because you'll be banned) and a waste of time for whomever you spammed. This is extremely in violation of any terms and proper Zombie Etiquette.
  • Pornography.
    The internet is full of porn (you can find it else where) and the fact that our hosting company doesn't allow it kinda puts the cabash on porn, sorry but no Porn. There is a difference between nudity and porn.
  • Harassing someone.
    Nobody likes being harrassed and we especially dont like hearing about it. You don't like someone leave them alone and take the high road.
  • Trying to embed vbscript or pop-ups within your page.
    Doing this is just malicious and is what is hindering the internet from being what it truly is.
  • Blocking ads from displaying on your profile.
    Bandwidth is expensive, really expensive and running ads is the only way we are able to cover those cost.
  • Racist/Hate/Sexist imagery or references.
    Yeah this is not acceptable and will get you banned and possibly reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Cancel Your Account.
    You can cancel your account by going to the edit my info section of your grave and clicking the "cancel acccount" link in the lower right hand corner.


  • Why didn't you create this site along time ago.
    We ask ourselves that everyday.
  • I have a question you didn't answer
    Tell Ty or Birch and we might be able to help you out.
  • Independant Film Makers/Independant Horror Convention
    Want to team up with ZombieFriends and do something outrageous, contact Cinezombie or Ty.
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