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basket case

Reviewed by:
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Writer/Director Frank Henenlotter's low budget (approx $30,000) masterpiece.

Kevin Van Hentenryck stars as Duane Bradley a quiet man who has made his way to New York City with his brother Belial (who Duane transports in a wicker basket). Duane and Belial were conjoined twins who were seperated. Belial was left for dead. Duane saved his brother and has spent years preparing for their revenge. The brothers plan is to hunt down the doctors who performed the operation and make them pay.

Darkly funny and very gory film.

Additional Review by: Lord Cannibal
that movie was twisted film ever i seen but it cool brother with freak brother

Additional Review by: S.O.R
belial should have killed his his knuclehead brother in the beginning other than that classic see the shit if you haven't allready

Additional Review by: Kmthirteen
Belial,the little brother who is hideous little monster that Duane carries around to find the doctors who separated them at birth.Typical storyline for the 80's horror,but a must see! "What's in the basket Duane?Easter eggs?"

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