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The Expedition

Reviewed by:
Damian Price
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The Expedition is a wonderfully creepy horror/documentary about five Canadian filmmakers who set out on to Saratoga County, New York to film a documentary on the Saratoga Homestead Asylum. Unfortunately, one of the filmmakers mysteriously disappeared and has never been heard from since.

While very much in the vein of THE LAST BROADCAST and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, it differs from those two films in the sense that this actually did occur. I got to speak with of the crew members who was apart of that fateful day, and they did confirm that their friend really disappeared within the Saratoga Homestead Asylum on October 31, 2004 and has never been seen or heard from since.

Not only does that make this film chilling, but watching some of the supernatural events occur (i.e. a ghost girl wandering around in the building) but also hearing Tom Kring (the missing filmmaker) calling help to his friends and them not being able to locate him, even though you can clearly hear his voice in the same room. But eventually, the voice of their friend becomes more panicked and can he heard calling for help in different locations of the hospital. You come to realize that something horrible has happened to their friend, and that whatever has Tom Kring is toying with the crew members and taunting them. You can hear the fear in their voices as they are searching the hospital. The hospital itself is frightening and is a virtual ruin. The "ending" is absolutely frightening as you witness Nigel Hartwell, the "director" finding what looks like a severed human finger laying in a pool of blood. I won't ruin anymore of the film for you. I just absolutely urge anyone to check this great documentary out! Unfortunately, Tom Kring had to face a potentially horrible fate for his story to be told. A lot of questions about Tom's fate still remain unanswered. Hopefully, one day they will come to light and the truth will finally be revealed. Go to www.braindamagefilms.com and pick this bad boy up! Trust me, you won't regret it.

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