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"I'm weird (if that helps in anyway)"

25 Years old.
Blanding, UT
United States

Last Online
10/29/2008 10:15:24 AM

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Ghost13X's Interests
General: Ghosts, vampires, Werewolves, anything that interest me. haha! 
Movies: Horror, Comedy, anything good!  
Music: rock, metal! 

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Ghost13X hasn't posted a Zlog yet.

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Amy Blackwood , Zombie Slayer

iF i HaD tHe BulLeTz YoU'lL sAy GoOdByE





Ghost13X's Notes

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1/12/2010 5:04:24 PM
wat r u doing,,, hi
10/30/2008 8:49:27 AM
lol ohhhhh???
10/29/2008 10:10:34 AM
sup! beetch!!
8/31/2008 12:23:56 AM
4/28/2008 1:46:17 AM
ok. bye
4/28/2008 1:43:46 AM
is that all your going to say?
4/28/2008 1:38:04 AM
it's Travis
4/28/2008 1:32:58 AM
I found you!!
4/11/2008 1:53:16 AM
Hello!! ghost??? BOO!!!
4/9/2008 3:02:41 AM
lol i guess
4/6/2008 12:24:46 PM
oh kinky!!
4/2/2008 5:34:15 AM
you suck monkey ballz
4/1/2008 5:26:01 AM
hah i guess
3/31/2008 5:54:56 AM

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