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"I wish that i were a bubbleyum!"

25 Years old.
lima, OH
United States

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6/3/2008 7:18:27 AM

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Photobucket Okay loser, here's my story. My name is Claudia Lee Rudy, and im a 15 year old gangster. I live in Lima Ohio, born and raised (tho i hate it) and i work at McDonalds (cause im awsome)! lol. I am truly amazing,i promise! =D I am of the phat ass population. Get over ur self every ones not a size 2. i wanna be a plus sized model someday. I hate skinny bitches. Eat sume chicken! For the most part, I Love my life.. Tho there are those times when i just wanna kill myself. lol. I really really hate cheaters, but then again, who doesnt? Just dont waste my time cause i already have enough bullshit on my schedule. If you cheat on me, or stab me in the back..I promise you, you WONT get another chance with me. I trust only my few BEST friends, but if you come to me and tell me a certain person is talking about me..youll DEFINATELY get kudos. So in other words, i trust like...4 ppl? Vicky, Amanda, Tiffane, and my Mom. I Absolutely ADORE You Guys!!! My life has been hard (and i kno theres others out there who have it worse) but id really appreciate it if you dont make it even harder on me. Im pretty easy to get along with. I treat you how you treat me, alltho there are those select few who just bug me no matter what they do and i have no choice but to hate them. lol. Im bisexual and wiccan. Dont like it? DEAL! haha. If your opinion mattered to me, i would prolly have tried to keep it secret dontcha think? So lets save the time itll take for you to try and make me sad cause... It wont work! =P Well yea. That pretty much sums up my lifee. Any questions? Just ASK!! Dont be afraid, i promise i wont bite that hard. =D I <3 You!



-♥-Fucking Beautifully Perfect-♥-


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9/4/2008 5:34:02 PM
5/24/2008 9:28:32 AM
hey wats going on?
3/25/2008 12:32:32 AM
Hey Ms Chainsaw! Like the day-glo skulls you got goin on here!!xx

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