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25 Years old.
Fort Walton Beach, FL
United States

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1/9/2009 7:43:50 PM

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General: The American Dream 
Movies: Scarface 
Music: everything from New Orleans 

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Waze hasn't posted a Zlog yet.

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Mistress Malice



ImA Ki_I_I MySelF

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9/11/2008 10:57:28 AM
1/18/2008 2:48:48 AM
yo did u upload the freestyle on ss radio if u didnt just upload it to mediafire
1/17/2008 1:48:21 AM
im there
1/14/2008 3:34:56 AM
im on now...so did u get them????
1/14/2008 1:57:05 AM
check out the new skin and shoutbox
1/11/2008 4:12:26 AM
1/11/2008 4:05:55 AM
1/11/2008 3:47:48 AM
lol someone else mad that my custom title i cant even make one its not my site
1/11/2008 3:39:52 AM
no i didnt lol
1/11/2008 3:28:54 AM
what did i steal???
1/11/2008 3:08:35 AM
im good just chillin in school rite now cant wait to get home... howes it going for you
1/11/2008 2:17:12 AM
hey if you forgot your password do u want me to change it back for u the rapidboards admin put me back on root admin
1/11/2008 1:51:18 AM
lol u added all my friends
1/11/2008 12:53:14 AM
hey wuts up? thx for the add
1/11/2008 12:32:23 AM
lol i didnt bite that i was showing kyle examples of white i was trying to do only one was me.... the other was hektik emcee and yodh from nobodysmiling
1/10/2008 11:24:27 AM
1/10/2008 12:46:05 AM
the video is blocked im at school
1/10/2008 12:18:51 AM
i spit in the face of people who are not cool
1/10/2008 12:13:23 AM
i turned the rapidboards one back on
1/10/2008 12:08:31 AM
lol quite quoten lines from the movie....log into the iron.rapidboards.com forum and turn back online
1/9/2008 11:30:42 PM
lol whyd u fuck me over like that lol my vb will be up soon... almost done
1/9/2008 9:23:34 PM

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