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Dead Messiah

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"Dying in the eternal flames as life diminishes all hope shall forever fade."

36 Years old.
portland, ME
United States

Last Online
9/14/2008 3:04:59 PM

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General: Hey everybody my name is Nickon I am currently residing in Portland,Me. My main interests are listening to Metal Music and writing poetry,drawing,and hanging out with friends and my fiancee. I also play video games and watch tons of movies and read books on either egyptian mythology,Satanic books,I am into sports I am a die hard NHL fan and basically like all sports  
Movies: Silent Hill,UnderWorld,Underworld:evolution, Texas Chainsaw Massacre,All the Crow Movies,All the Saw Movies,Ichi the Killer,All the Resident Evil movies,The GingerSnaps trilogy,Hills have Eyes 1 and 2,The Eye 2,The Exorcist,13 ghosts and other random titles  
Music: Dimmu borgir,Cradle of Filth,Chimaira,Six Feet Under,Behemoth, Bullet for my Valentine, Megadeth,Metallica,Opeth,Cannibal Corpse,In Flames,Slayer,Korn,It Dies Today,Poison the Well, Nile,Mortician, Killswitch Engage,Rammstein,Tool, A Perfect Circle,Wednesday 13,Static-X,Black Dahlia Murder,Moonspell,Dark Funeral,Through the Eyes of the Dead,Emigrate,Nine Inch Nails, and many more groups too many to remember. 

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9/12/2008 9:48:46 PM

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