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"Who dat!?"

30 Years old.
Minneapolis, MN
United States

Last Online
8/11/2011 7:06:54 PM

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General: Plunging into the ocean with my fellow lemmings. Praise allah, my virgins are waiting for me!!! 
Music: I dont hear so good. 

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I've recently chosen the life of a vegitarian
I was tickled the wrong way today
For this Christmas

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Big Fuckin Skull



justice dwayne



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9/5/2009 12:05:23 AM
Hi, I like your pix. . .What kind of music do you play? Whats the name of your band?
5/20/2009 3:21:15 PM
Nice profile. What kind of music do you play?
4/8/2009 4:53:56 PM
9/22/2008 8:06:36 PM
you need to update your profile pic. your playing a real guitar now... :P
9/18/2008 9:51:04 PM
6/21/2008 12:53:58 PM
6/18/2008 7:07:47 PM
Dont tell me what to do! >_<
3/20/2008 2:55:24 PM
Just stopping by to spill some blood!! Jason @NFTS
3/8/2008 3:54:32 PM
Go to hell! Visit the Devilsplayground666!
Go to hell! DevilsPlayground666.com
Go to hell! Visit the Devilsplayground666!
12/31/2007 5:18:45 PM
Oh sweety to much meat?
12/28/2007 11:42:14 AM
Hey TweakZirra's whats up love?
12/20/2007 5:50:38 AM

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12/16/2007 1:37:48 PM
ive been insane. its not cool :/
12/16/2007 1:29:43 PM
hey wats new
12/15/2007 1:15:38 PM
Hey, What's up?
12/15/2007 1:15:21 PM
hey. whats up
12/14/2007 12:19:22 PM
ya. tis fun
12/14/2007 12:17:04 PM
lemmings are cool, they jump off mountains in groups and somehow there are still enough to breed.
12/14/2007 12:12:31 PM
http://www.myspace.com/xo_punk_rock_princess_xo well i think shes hot... >.>
12/14/2007 12:09:40 PM
but shes hot... :D
12/14/2007 12:04:36 PM
I said we would go somewhere, which I would have loved to do. But then something came up (had to take care of my dad who was in a car crash, read my zlogz) and I didn't call her because her family would have been like OMGWTFBOIFRIEND?
12/14/2007 12:00:04 PM
That's coolz. Well, I think my girlfriend hates me so, today is not a good day :/
12/14/2007 11:51:44 AM
Tweaky~ Whats new? :D
12/13/2007 3:16:00 PM
well well well.... look whos back! :D
12/13/2007 1:19:17 PM
hey, wats up?

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