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"Gone offline"

28 Years old.
Hopewell, NJ
United States

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7/6/2008 11:33:02 AM

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General: rock climbing, track, martial arts, surfing 
Movies: resident evil, hostel, mr and mrs smith, tomb raider, final destination, saw series 
Music: korn, linkin park, smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, fort minor, paramour, 30 seconds to mars 

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9/18/2008 10:43:41 PM
1/10/2008 2:33:58 PM
Hence exactly why I just said Milla or co won't be in it. But I'm not covering the CG movie as it is more of a game thing. :). Which is fine, but the site isn't about the games.
1/8/2008 8:43:27 AM
I just commented with that. But it has nothing to do with Milla or the movies.
1/1/2008 3:08:56 PM
hey =} check out the groups for zombie bible
12/28/2007 11:58:35 AM
According to Paul and Sony, there will not be a 4th one, but an animated CG movie based on the games. Nothing I'm up in the air about. I'll update you if I hear anything new.
12/27/2007 12:47:51 PM
Right on. I'm buying it, even if it wasn't the best one of the movies, but hope you get it too, thanks for the support! :)
12/17/2007 12:41:46 AM
wtf your pic doesnt match your name
12/14/2007 10:11:31 AM
Thanks for joining my Zombie Group :).
12/12/2007 2:46:24 AM

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