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Louis UnDeaderwear

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"Grimmer than your Grandma"

30 Years old.
Robbinsdale, MN

Last Online
9/17/2008 4:21:14 PM

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General: lepers, cancer patients, creeps, weirdos

Movies: Hercules in New York, Robot Monster, Death Race 2000, Partyline, Evil Clutch, Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except, Blue Velvet, Cannibal Holocaust, Maniac, Suspiria, Soylent Green, Wild Zero, Bird People in China, Hotel Hell 
Music: Exhumed, Guana Batz, Hellhammer, The Cramps, Cynic, Deadbolt, 1349, Tom Waits, Mayhem, Mad Sin, Chronic Seizure, Munciple Waste, Victim 

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foxy roxy.


Manda Twilight.




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2/12/2011 4:54:58 AM
Hello, My name is Joy, i got you from .zombiefriends.com and i want to have a good relationship with you, please i need your cooperation,contact me with my email adress, (joymabou13@yahoo.com ) am yours Joy. thanks, Joy
9/18/2008 11:14:35 AM
Check out the world premier screening of & Teller and & Teller 2 at the 2008 Eerie Horror Film Festival October 9th-12th! http://www.eeriehorrorfilmfestival.com/
From Crackle: & Teller 2
3/20/2008 12:35:22 PM
Just stoppin in to spill some blood! Jason@NFTS
9/10/2007 11:22:50 AM
bitch. :)
3/22/2007 10:41:42 AM
My fellow Undead Americans, it's time to Rot the Vote!

Put a Zombie in the White House in 2008!


12/17/2006 12:49:13 PM
12/14/2006 6:37:45 PM
people on here fuckin scare me....i saw a pic of this girl and there was like a little pic of a baby....undernieth it , it says "DINNER...UMMMMMMM"
12/14/2006 12:12:46 PM
What up bro?
12/13/2006 7:31:39 PM
I conjured Lucifuge in my mom's kitchen. She was pissed
12/7/2006 7:16:22 AM
gaaaaah, I was waiting for you to say something
12/6/2006 7:45:33 AM
nm man
12/4/2006 11:54:04 AM
whats up
12/2/2006 6:49:10 PM
OMG. I fucking love you and party monster. Yay. <3zzz
12/2/2006 7:30:19 AM
Scroll down to the bottom, it shows who's the top 5 are so far this month. http://www.zombiefriends.com/club/?pid=Zombies
12/1/2006 12:05:14 PM
you are the man
11/30/2006 9:41:59 AM
Like I really care . . . . RANDOM
11/29/2006 12:45:23 PM
11/29/2006 12:11:29 PM

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