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"A librarian and a writer with a soft, rotting, bloody spot for zombies."

36 Years old.
Whitby, ON

Last Online
2/10/2009 7:33:42 PM

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General: I have stories in two zombie anthologies: "Something Fishy This Way Comes" in The Undead: Skin and Bones (Permuted Press) and "Bark and Bite" in Dead Will Dance (1018 Press). Other anthology appearances include Read By Dawn: Volume 2 (Bloody Books), Black Sails (1018 Press), and Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths (Dead Pages Press). My first novel, Frozen Blood, will be released by Lachesis Publishing in late 2007. 
Movies: Any movies with hordes of mindless, brain-eating zombies. 
Music: Sure. 

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Hey Joel, where are you?

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1/2/2008 5:17:57 PM
Happy 2008! Rot on!
4/21/2007 2:34:50 AM
More brains, more hordes, more camping trips up north. We're in a good spot, already being in Toronto, to beat the masses that will spill across our border, aren't we Zak?
4/19/2007 2:17:16 PM
Zombie Zak Says: "The more brains, the merrier!" At least that's what I think I says!
4/19/2007 7:17:23 AM
Thanks Mike! Other than friends and family, that's my first positive review. Cheers!
4/19/2007 7:14:19 AM
Hey Joel! I just read "Something Fishy" The other day, nice work.

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