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27 Years old.
Los Angeles, CA
United States

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10/14/2015 8:10:59 PM

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"We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow." --Ted Bundy "You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You're looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!" --Ted Bundy LOVE U BABE!!!! MMWAZ ALL OVER <333333 

Vampgirl666's Interests
General: Wicca, tattoos, piercings, movies, music, going out and having fun, practicing on my guitar, writing gothic poetry, drawing, scaring my family and friends, etc.. I love horror movies (horror movie fanatic) I'm a big tattoo freak {love getting them and checking out other peoples tats} I love guys with both tattoos and piercings I can be a bitch when someone pisses me off or when someone says or does things i do not like or approve of Im not a talkative person but it depends on the subject or who im talking to Once you get to know me, i am a really nice person I treat everyone the way i would like to be treated... Anything goth related Everything below pretty much sums it up... wanna know more? just ask
What color witch are you?
White Witch
You are a white witch! You wish only to do good for others and to make the world somewhat of a better place. You are probably generally good-natured and friendly. You do nothing for pure personal gain. You are a good witch.

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Movies: Horror, thriller and comedy The Devils Rejects, Ghost Ship, Love Object, The Hole, Wrong Turn 1 & 2, 5ive Girls,The Craft, boogie nights, Red Road, things behind the sun, House of 1000 Corpses, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Hostel part 1 and 2, Captivity, Dahmer, Ted Bundy, The Deliberate stranger, The Black Dahlia, ,super troopers, twisted sisters, dead silence, chucky series, michael series, jason series, freddy series, pulse (aka octane), American Pie Presents: Band Camp, Gacy, ed gein, evil breed: legend of samhain, sleepy hollow, snakes on a plane, the notorious bettie page, primeval, the zodiac, the breakfast club, sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street, zombie honeymoon, the curse of el charro, the graveyard, the butcher, galaxy quest, twelve and holding ,zombie flicks, anything with lots of blood, guts, and gore is definitely my kind of movie.... The list goes on 4ever..lots more i can't think of
Which character from a horror film are you?
Jack Ferriman (from Ghost Ship)
Jack Ferriman (from Ghost Ship)
Jack Ferriman may seem innocent, but he lures people to a lost ship where he kills them and collects their souls. Who'd have guessed?

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Music: rock: <3 breaking benjamin <3, mudvayne M*E*T*A*l: slipknot, kittie, kse heavy M*E*T*A*l: M*E*T*A*llica, pantera (1 song 'walk') alternative rock, papa roach, trivium (one song), afi, nirvana (rip kurt cobain), devourment (a little, bf made me listen to it 4 a while), children of bodom (1 song can't remember name), andrew w.k, ozzy, 3dg, fall out boy, lp (old), blink 182, sum 41, fefe dobson, marilyn manson, hinder, him, seether, godsmack, rob zombie, bfmv, buckcherry, nfg, green day (old), lit (1 song), less than jake, simple plan, nickleback, ac/dc, soad, soty, dry cell, earshot, disturbed, thrice (one song), gnr (2 songs), static x, aiden, action action, the ramones, skillet and others...
what kinda tattoo should u get? (pics)
anything evil!
anything evil!
you are like me, so you should get an evil tattoo! like one of (the great!) satan..or and upside down black cross with jesus upside down on it locked to it with blood all over! (i got one like that!) so get somthing evil..somthing that has to do with marilyn manson maybe...o well u deside from here.

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American Psycho

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A Life Once Lost

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2/12/2011 11:01:56 PM
Hey! how are you? havent talked to you in like 2 years!
7/12/2010 11:24:42 PM
LOL i remember you girlfriend okayyyyyyyy haha duh because ya told me anyway tyhanks for the add hun :) *hugs* <3
5/21/2010 3:37:26 PM
Weekend Pictures, Images and Photos
5/12/2010 9:56:27 AM

5/6/2010 9:46:45 AM

4/30/2010 5:43:31 AM

4/28/2010 6:39:39 AM
Hope you like it eric Pictures, Images and Photos True Blood Pictures, Images and Photos
3/13/2010 11:54:38 PM
Hey I finally login into this thing i see everything is still the same i almost i forgot i had this one but i be on for a while to see any sexy zombie lady are around :)
2/27/2010 4:22:02 PM
hope you are having a ok weekend color goth Pictures, Images and Photos
2/15/2010 10:51:07 PM
I love True Blood, too! I was a big fan of Six Feet Under and then I heard about True Blood and began reading the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Have you read the books, too? So far, I've read the first four books and I've seen Season One of True Blood. What a wonderfully weird, sexy, funny, and imaginative show! I haven't seen Season Two yet since I don't have HBO --- I'll have to wait and see it on DVD. Eric Northman is hilarious and he's my favorite vampire so far. I'm dreaming of more female vampires...after all, I'm a fangbanger!
2/15/2010 10:31:53 PM
I like your style and taste and attitude! My favorite horror movie of 2009 was Zombieland! My favorite horror TV show is True Blood! Check out my H.P. Lovecraft horror punk band, Lurking Fear, especially our songs "Werewolf," "Hanging Out With the Dead," "Dirge," and "There's Something In the Basement." Back from the grave undead music you can dig!
2/6/2010 12:46:07 PM
angels Pictures, Images and Photos
2/5/2010 12:35:49 PM
weekend Pictures, Images and Photos
2/2/2010 12:51:37 PM
jollylops.com - gothic pictures and naughty shit.
jollylops.com - gothic pictures and naughty shit.
2/2/2010 12:39:34 AM
just for you ;) Have A Wicked Day Pictures, Images and Photos
1/5/2010 12:05:59 PM
the curse of el charro was a good movie but the end was something different to other horror movies, and I just got to see the butcher with my best friend and I like it. This other friend told us that we were sick people to watch a movie like that but at time he would end up watching parts of the movie lol.
1/5/2010 12:03:48 PM
Your welcome, so how was your weekend?
10/24/2009 10:38:00 PM
hahah not much just cant sleep
10/24/2009 10:29:56 PM
whats up
10/12/2009 8:01:21 AM
Thanks for linking up with Bumpin' Tacos! Must see video! Please pass it on. Amyface and Team Tacos
10/9/2009 3:06:53 PM
i'm going to work on it later i don't like doing things like that at one time,it takes me around a week or so
10/9/2009 1:30:27 PM
10/4/2009 12:13:54 AM
yeah you shoud. it was funny though, a couple of my buddies dressed like zombies and one of thems wife had him on a leash walkin him like a dog, and i was just pushin my buddy around. and we were walkin around the casino before the movie. it was funny.
10/4/2009 12:01:31 AM
ended up seein zombieland. amazing i might add.
10/2/2009 8:49:52 PM
You had your wish my dear I got on so yes I'm a Megan fox lover she's so sexy!!
10/1/2009 12:09:11 PM
yo. no one is on, and now i am bored as shit. haha
5/3/2009 8:53:28 PM
i plan on many more piecings & tats! by the way ur profile pic is absolutely gorgeous ;)
9/18/2008 7:02:31 PM
oh my god you are very pretty sorry lol how are you?
9/6/2008 10:11:22 PM
Same just bored haha. Lazzzy. What part of LA are you from?
9/6/2008 9:54:40 PM
How are you?
9/2/2008 11:50:30 PM
Thanks for adding my living dead band of horror punk zombies, Lurking Fear. We are back from the grave and hungry for BRAINS! Speaking of BRAINS, my brain is rotting away and I am freaking CRAZY! I am really outta my FUCKIN' MIND! The original Lurking Fear lyric book credits listed me as "Vocals, Insanity." They got that right! Sorry to hear that you're dying of boredom --- I hope our monster music helps provide something interesting for you --- thrills, chills, amusement, madness, and wild weirdness beyond words. And if you need more than we can give you, that's OK. Then I suggest you add my Zombie Friend, Miss Misery. She's a 25-year-old indie horror writer-director-model-radio DJ in Berkeley, CA. I encourage you to check out Miss Misery's page and movies here and if you go to the Lurking Fear myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/lurkingfears, you can hear more of our songs, see more of our photos, and art, and check out two of my Top Friends on Myspace, Miss Misery and Vamp, who are both young female filmmakers who make their own horror movies. Vamp plays a sexy, seductive vampire (herself) in all of her films. Check it out! :D Wishing You a Wicked Wednesday, Craig
6/16/2008 1:25:14 PM
6/14/2008 4:08:21 PM
I'm sorry... We've been hanging out for around 2 and a half years and yeah we are best friends ^_^
6/14/2008 3:29:19 PM
6/14/2008 11:09:49 AM
I think the bondage ones are uber sexy but I think the baggy ones are more comfy/badass
6/13/2008 10:25:35 PM
yup yup I have one pair of bondage pants and 5 pairs of baggy ones
6/13/2008 10:19:13 PM
It's all scene and emo and stuff now...I mean it's practically main stream now...plus the only thing I like in there is Tripp pants
6/13/2008 10:08:52 PM
so anyway, how are you?
6/13/2008 9:59:50 PM
Very cool I get all of my stuff either online or at record stors and head shops...NC sucks for anything other than prep clothes so every onc in a while I have to go into -shuddrs- Hot Topic
6/13/2008 9:35:57 PM
lost in a deep dark pit of dysphoric thought How are you?
6/13/2008 9:27:28 PM
6/13/2008 6:44:37 AM
That's cool plus all the awesome stores which I'm guessing may explain the awesome dress in your defaullt pic ^_^ I think it's very classic I love it.
6/12/2008 10:18:54 PM
True I may move to someplace cool like Florida, Texas, LAsounds pretty cool, is it?
6/12/2008 10:13:41 PM
I hate NC but due to my age I'm kinda stuck here for the time being. I just accidentally commented my own profile lol
6/12/2008 10:07:09 PM
6/12/2008 10:03:36 PM
Well there's never a dull moment I can tell you that much lol
6/12/2008 9:59:11 PM
^_^ yup yup
6/12/2008 9:56:31 PM
I know Kenny is so awesome ^_^
6/12/2008 9:46:44 PM
I just got my lip busted open by a Mexican dude then my and my brother kicked his ass for it...still sucks though just sorta sore and the back of my head just got finished bleeding, but over all it's not bad I mean my dad's done worse to me...other than that I'm watch South Park.
6/12/2008 9:29:09 PM

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