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zombi mr. bates

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38 Years old.
nashville, TN

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9/18/2008 11:59:28 AM

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what happened to books? until they add one, i'll put my favorite zombie books here.

"i am legend" by richard matheson
"the serpent and the rainbow" by wade davis
"the walking dead" by robert kirkman and toby moore
"jesus freaks" by andre duza 

zombi mr. bates's Interests
General: i'm gonna get the unpleasantries outta the way. don't tell me that 28 days later isn't a zombie film. you should know your subject matter before you try that one, or any other argument for that matter. also, if you don't like the 2004 remake of dawn of the dead, please come up with a better argument than "i hate 'fast' zombies." i love to discuss zombies and zombie films, but i hate revisiting old arguments. p.s. undead is one of the greatest zombie films ever! 
Movies: night of the living dead (1968)
dawn of the dead (1978)
day of the dead (1985)
the return of the living dead (1985)
night of the living dead (1990)
braindead (a.k.a. dead alive) (1992)
dellamorte dellamore (a.k.a. the cemetary man) (1994)
28 days later (2002)
undead (2003)
dawn of the dead (2004)
shaun of the dead (2004)
land of the dead (2005)

upcoming zombie goodness:
diary of the dead

make out with violence

plane dead  
Music: zombi like goblin, only updated.
goblin the original psychadelic zombie band.
white zombie
gravediggaz horror rap kicks my ass!

the best zombie movie soundtrack ever, the return of the living dead: selections from the second best zombie soundtrack, dawn of the dead 2004 (they never really put out the soundtrack, but they shoulda):  

zombi mr. bates's Movie Reviews
Braindead (a.k.a. Dead Alive)
Dellamorte Dellamore (a.k.a. The Cemetary Man)

zombi mr. bates's Zlogs
the list

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Ryan Romero

Mel Von Zombie



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2/12/2011 4:56:09 AM
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9/18/2008 11:18:18 AM
Check out the world premier screening of & Teller and & Teller 2 at the 2008 Eerie Horror Film Festival October 9th-12th! http://www.eeriehorrorfilmfestival.com/
From Crackle: & Teller 2
3/20/2007 7:25:42 AM
your pictures rock
1/25/2007 12:47:54 AM
12/8/2006 9:21:25 AM
haha plane dead. And yea Dead Alive owned faces.
12/6/2006 8:29:24 AM
yeah thats cool...yeah tell him to join
12/6/2006 8:25:01 AM
so i like your pictures did you draw them?
12/2/2006 9:54:52 AM
I got off work.Just got on
12/1/2006 1:01:13 PM
Whats up
11/29/2006 8:43:47 AM
are we too busy to check our mail?
11/29/2006 7:38:41 AM
they both suck.
11/29/2006 5:27:36 AM
no way dude, mates of state will always have a special place... in hell
11/29/2006 4:17:33 AM
gravediggaz? you probably like crappy mates of state, too don't you.. oh wait
11/29/2006 1:42:32 AM
I know I'm never dead, but I was hoping somebody'd have a picture where they're bashing somebody. I won't give up hope. Pray for me! hahaha
11/29/2006 1:18:30 AM
I've been looking thru the girls' profiles for inspiration, but so far haven't been doing so well. I did learn how to be a slut, though!
11/28/2006 1:22:34 PM
I love you Dream Jon!
11/28/2006 7:44:35 AM
Yeah put your profile disign and html in the shout box It works better in there
11/28/2006 7:30:50 AM
Love you general statement. I liked 28 days later but it isn't a zombie film. Read my review on Dawn 04 in the club zombie section and while your there do a review or too yourself. Also are you the one that did that mini doc on diary. If so you are my new hero.
11/28/2006 7:27:03 AM
Right on! Glad to see you over here. Whats your username on myspace. Don't be a stranger.
11/28/2006 7:26:38 AM
When he does i would like to get one they kick ass
11/28/2006 6:54:44 AM
Thanks for the add You and maneater have great avatars
11/28/2006 5:25:30 AM
you only want me for my brains; i only want you for your rotting flesh

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