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"Im not a man, im a fucking beast!"

29 Years old.
Kemi, 1

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3/28/2010 1:17:00 PM

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General: Director of Hepola Films the Motion Picture Company. I have directed like 20-30 short movies in years 1999-2005. Now im directing and editing full-lenght post apocalyptic movie named "The Human Wastelands" and splatter-horror movie named "Splattox aka: deathmatch". More information about the movies from our website. I growl like a fucking beast in a grindcore band named Goreblaster. More about the band from the website. Check our first single! 
Movies: I love splatter-movies, especially zombie movies like Versus, Undead, Braindead and offcourse Romero's movies. Im true fan of Peter Jackson and Takashi Miike, i just love they're work, especially Jackson first movies "Bad Taste, Braindead & Meet the Feebles" and Takashi Miike "Ichi the killer and Dead or Alive trilogy". Im collecting findie (finnish independent) movies. I just love them, anything isn't that good entertaiment like findie movies, its just great! Few good findiemovies I suggest to get. - 2019 Il Ultimo Silenzio - Nato Commando - TNT: Merchants of death - The Human Wastelands (coming on double dvd 2007 ;) Other good movie: Turkey Shoot, Cannibal Holocaust, Terror Firmer, Undead, 2019 After the Fall of New York... but... the best fucking movie ever is Oldboy! its just too good to be real :D 
Music: Goreblaster! Check our downloadable tracks

Nailed angels are crying for help. Please god stop this suffering hell. Spoiled angels are crying again. Fucking whores this is the end. - Bleeding Angels are Suffering and asking mercy for the last time 

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4/24/2007 1:28:26 PM
4/14/2007 10:41:01 PM
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