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"Diggin' up the dead."

Nashville, TN
United States

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3/23/2007 11:09:58 AM

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General: Spooks, ghouls, creeps, zombies, pumpkins, bats, and cute little animals.

Movies: A few: the addams family values. gummo, ghostbusters, night of the living dead, freddy got fingered, the evil dead, gremlins, return of the living dead, the lost boys, army of darkness. 

This is what's on the iPod right now: aborted, absu, acid bath, afi, alkaline trio, anaal nathrakh, anal cunt, anata, anti-flag, at the gates, aura noir, bad religion, balzac, bathory, batmobile, bauhaus, behemoth, the berzerker, bethlehem, big business, billy idol, blitzkid, bloodjunkies, bowels out, burzum, calabrese, cannibal corpse, carcass, carpathian forest, the carry ons, cattle decapitation, cephalic carnage, children of bodom, choking victim, coffin nails, combatwoundedveteran, communist prep school, cradle of filth (some), the cramps, the crimson ghosts, crowpath, the cryptkeeper five, cryptopsy, curl up and die, dark funeral, darkthrone, das ich, das oath, daughters, david bowie, deadsy, death, decapitated, decrepit birth, deeds of flesh, demented are go!, depeche mode, dimmu borgir (my b!), disgorge, dismantled, dissection, doomriders, dragonforce, dream theater, the dresden dolls, dying fetus, eat your make-up, electric six, emperor, exhumed, finntroll, frankenstein, front line assembly, fuck!...i'm dead, funeral mist, funeral rape, genitorturers, glassjaw, glittertind, goatwhore, god module, gorerotted, gorgoroth, graveland, gutter demons, gwar, hanzel und gretyl, haujobb, hegemoon, hellbats, high on fire, holy molar, horrorpops, immolation, immortal, impaled nazarene, imperative reaction, the independents, iniquity, iron maiden, joy division, the killcreeps, king diamond, the knife, koffin kats, ladytron, leftover crack, leng t'che, leviathan, lightning bolt, the locust, mad sin, martyr a.d., mercyful fate, the meteors, mindless self indulgence, misfits, mister monster, modest mouse, moonspell, morbid angel, mortifera, my dying bride, napalm death, necrophagist, nekromantix, nifelheim, nim vind, nofx, opeth, pig destroyer, project pitchfork, putrid pile, reverend horton heat, siouxsie & the banshees, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, the specials, suffocation, svartsinn, switchblade symphony, system syn, theatre of tragedy, three 6 mafia, tiger army, tom petty, the vladimirs, vnv nation, wednesday 13, windir, wintersun, wolfmother, wormed, wumpscut, yes collapse, zombina & the skeletones. 

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2/17/2008 7:16:30 AM
you are very beautiful
7/20/2007 10:47:58 AM

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5/1/2007 3:27:15 AM
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3/4/2007 1:40:31 PM
I have to poop
3/4/2007 1:30:47 PM
Ghoul-d evening and Hellcome to Zombiehell. Of corpse, another ghoul is always welcome here. The gore the scarier!!!!! Have a Satyric Sunday and a maggoty Mournday
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3/3/2007 5:27:19 PM
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3/3/2007 3:38:24 PM
Hell-O There!

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