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"only the dead are smiling"

37 Years old.
chicago, IL

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7/21/2013 12:28:01 AM

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zombiecore's Interests
General: zombies. horror. gore. anything gross. body mod. music. dark art. photoshop

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Movies: day of the dead. re-animator. die you zombie bastards. redneck zombies. return of the living dead 2&3. hellraiser 1&2. dead alive. lucky. zombi. dellamorte dellamore. tokyo gore police. lion king 1 1/2


Music: oi. ska. reggae. M*E*T*A*l. ghost b.c

lwc video

makeup by: spookyheather, myself and micah 

zombiecore's Movie Reviews
Hell Ride
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
House 2 The Second Story
Seven Doors Of Death/The Beyond
The Last House On The Left
The Electric Acid Theatre
Day of the Dead 2: Contagium
Return Of The Living Dead 5 Rave to The Grave

zombiecore's Zlogs
Milwaukee Zombie Walk (on hiatus!)
photo update

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amor muerto





Manda Twilight.

zombiecore's Notes

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10/2/2009 5:29:45 PM
It still makes me laugh.
3/26/2008 1:46:23 AM
Howdy howdy howdy!
3/13/2008 2:30:16 AM
11/7/2007 2:46:51 PM
Hell yeah, it was just what i needed at that exact moment. Perfect.
8/14/2007 9:53:25 AM
Exquisite work. A pleasure to meet you.
6/10/2007 10:15:00 AM

6/2/2007 8:01:04 AM
Check out our new product line:
Make Every Day A Living Nightmare!
(Green items glow in the dark!)
5/14/2007 1:48:08 PM
holy hell. your pictures aree amazing. but i'm sure you get that lots.
3/20/2007 7:47:19 AM
oh my god your pictures are so fucking incredible
2/13/2007 3:14:46 PM
I am glad i was able to do your work justice.I was trying really hard not to mess it up.
2/13/2007 10:55:01 AM
loove the baners there kick ass
2/9/2007 2:24:56 PM
Hey thanks, I appreciate it. feel free to leave them comments, haha ;) anyway, i should have some more soon. i'm working on two feature films, one action, one horror and i should have some good fx stuff posted from both when i get to it
2/9/2007 5:05:32 AM
whats up man, thanks for adding me, hope you dig my work, and keep in touch! Derek
1/10/2007 12:33:17 PM
How the FX work going.?.
1/1/2007 9:21:00 AM
Wishing you a gory new year!
12/29/2006 2:10:52 AM
Love the makeup, love the quote. (One of my favorite films, actually. "Eat your heart out Gino Di Rossi!") ;-p
12/27/2006 3:12:37 PM
your work is fucking amazing!!!!
12/25/2006 6:47:35 PM
i agree with everyone else. what you do is incredible. i do enjoy the fun with toilet paper
12/12/2006 5:21:20 AM
Whoa nice makeup bud
12/10/2006 6:15:29 PM
i love all your pics well i knwo they are notall you but you get the picture...
12/4/2006 5:30:17 AM
12/3/2006 11:02:36 PM
That video is the best. Man thats awsome. I agree that looks like it was worth it.
12/3/2006 9:41:45 PM
Nice no freaking awesome work. In your art group do you want just digital or real FX
12/3/2006 2:13:13 PM
Thanks man, i really apreciate that.
11/28/2006 6:45:41 AM
Kick ass pics
11/28/2006 6:40:14 AM
Everything you post in your gallery is fucking sweet.
11/27/2006 3:10:01 PM
Thanks for showing me that trailer, that looks awesome.
11/27/2006 8:59:10 AM
damn your make-up is cool man
11/26/2006 11:34:16 AM
i miss nibbling yer lucious tissues :)
11/24/2006 11:47:53 AM
Great pics
11/23/2006 2:13:09 AM
your pictures are amazing. love the TP+ latex effect.
something awesome i've learned is..... eh, i'll message you about it. i don't like giving away my tricks!
11/19/2006 11:28:12 AM
kick ass pic
11/19/2006 11:22:12 AM
I do believe Zombiecore sums it up, sweet work dude.
11/18/2006 3:46:46 PM
lalaLOVE your work.

fucking awesome.
11/18/2006 2:19:26 AM
How is chi town doing.And great pics

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