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"People don't like me because I make their skin crawl. I scare them."

23 Years old.
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Last Online
2/1/2017 8:22:56 PM

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General: hi i'm joey and i don't really know what all to say about myself so i'll just tell you what my interests are. i am a huge M*E*T*A*l head. rock and M*E*T*A*l music are my life. you probably could tell by my user name. i love horror movies and gothic stuff. i love poetry as well. i want to eventually start my own M*E*T*A*l band. i write my own songs. film directing is also a huge passion of mine and also music composing as well. and as far as sports go i would like to get into golf, bowling, polo, and fencing. 

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