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36 Years old.
city of the dead, FL
United States

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10/23/2014 7:33:34 AM

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Click on the picture Image and video hosting by TinyPic This where I sell vinyl records and a couple CD's. From bands like Dimmu Borgir,Misfits,Danzig,69 Eyes and more. 

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The Brains-The Monster Within
Where is the admin or owner of this site?

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10/18/2016 7:42:53 PM
Enjoy the fun side of a zombie apocalypse by clicking the pic below!
12/20/2013 8:13:49 PM
Good to hear. It is dead haha I'm just new on here. heard about this site from a friend on vampirefreaks, but both sites are quite boring. I hardly get on them anymore.
12/19/2013 9:33:11 PM
Good thankies and yourself?
12/19/2013 6:11:30 AM
Hi :)
3/9/2013 10:26:40 PM
Thanks for adding me!
5/15/2012 3:46:59 PM
Wonder if the people who bought ads on this site knew they were buying them for perpetuity?
3/13/2012 12:41:33 AM
Thanks for the add...
2/19/2012 1:28:26 AM
2/10/2012 8:09:29 PM
thanks for the add xxx
2/10/2012 12:32:51 PM
Cool I'll check it out thanks for the invite
2/9/2012 12:15:22 PM
Thanks For The Request

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