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"Tear the Flesh from My Hands and Drain me of My Humanity."

24 Years old.
Waynesville, NC
United States

Last Online
3/21/2010 5:24:22 PM

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Movies: Night of The Living Dead, White Zombie,28 Days Later,Anthem Of the Dead, Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies, Shaun Of The Dead,War of the Living Dead,Teenage Zombie House Massacre. +more. 
Music: White Chapel, Cannible Corpse, Torsofuck, Kittie, Suicide Silence. Mostly Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, European Metal, Some Nu-Metal, Grindcore, maybe even a bit of Porncore. ;)) 

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SilentKnight *3*3*8*4*DA

Twang Zombie

Isabella / Emo me bitch if u can

Alex Evil

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