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Miss Deviloxxy

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"Gore, Zombies, Punk, and introducing my baby to the world of horror"

40 Years old.
Richmond, VA
United States

Last Online
3/30/2011 8:00:34 PM

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General: Im a costume designer and horror fanatic who has been in several movies and shows. I am into making art of all sorts and totally being original. I am currently going to school for medical assisting (YESSSSS I get to work with needles!!) and have a beautiful family with a 10 month old baby girl who is going to be as much of a horror fiend as her parents!dancing skeletons Pictures, Images and PhotosDAY OF THE DEAD Pictures, Images and Photos 
Movies: Return of the Living Dead, Dead Alive, 100 Tears :), Buried Alive....just to name a few sorry Pictures, Images and Photos 
Music: Type O Negative, Misfits, GG Allin, The Cure....Frida day of the dead Pictures, Images and Photos 

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3/30/2011 7:59:53 PM
LOL Im on fb more. I havent been on here in months..maybe even a year!
3/29/2011 3:10:22 PM
Hel-Low fellow Richmond'er,heheh.I once wanted to become a make-up artist doing all the horror stuff but now i think im more on wanting to become a master of sound and work with soundtech equipment in studios and live concerts. It's always nice to see someone on here conversing with one another. I just cant seem to get into that facebook thing especially cuz if once something goes up about you that u dont want anyone to know about that cud really ruin your reputation with your friends family and possibly cud cost you your job.
11/16/2010 9:23:05 PM

2/7/2010 2:21:25 PM
oh hi im ruby
10/10/2009 2:36:12 PM
whats up ..... Hope ur weekend is to die for!!
10/9/2009 7:51:18 PM
Welcome! Must see video! Please pass it on. Thanks! Amyface and Team Tacos
10/7/2009 1:49:03 PM
Wanna be in an upcoming issue & get cool stuff, too?!
10/3/2009 7:53:46 PM
howdy howdy !
10/3/2009 6:21:53 PM
Hell low new zombie. How are you. Now is a good time to go to chat most of the time its dead but there are a few people on now.

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