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"Those who welcome death have only tried it from the ears up. "

27 Years old.
bartow, FL
United States

Last Online
12/17/2010 6:24:32 AM

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General: I LOVE to write. It's one of my passions'. The others being, my wonderful fiance(cat/ suicidalfrenzy) and 9m old son (tye), MMA fighting and cooking, as a matter of fact, I'm a chef in Heroe's Bar and Grille in Bartow, FL. The address is - 280 south Wilson Avenue. 
Movies: This might seem cliche' but my favorite type of movies are zombie movies and gore fests. 
Music: Any really but if I have control over what it is it's gotta be death metal!! 

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9/22/2009 4:43:43 AM
Must see video! Please pass it on. Thanks!

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