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gothic princes

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"*forever johns mistress*"

24 Years old.
delta, CO
United States

Last Online
6/8/2010 11:14:08 PM

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FIRE AND ICE some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. from what ive tasted of disier i side with those who favor fire. but if it had to perish twice, i think i know enough of hate, to say that for destruction ice. is also great. and would suffice. Robert Frost 

gothic princes's Interests
General: poetry, books, photography, art 
Movies: horror movies, thrillers 
Music: meatal emo teckno 

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stop and listen

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Emo Charless

Twang Zombie


Alex Evil

Knight Syndrome

dark riddle


Bumpin' Tacos



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9/27/2009 4:38:14 PM
Wanna be in an upcoming issue & get cool stuff, too?!
9/19/2009 11:47:23 PM
Must see video! Please pass it on. Thanks!
7/18/2009 11:08:47 PM
The wait is OVER!!! Click the Pic for more info!

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