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Hobo Myers

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"It's not the eyes of EVIL, It's the eyes of Booze!"

48 Years old.
Haddonfield, IL

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5/17/2009 6:12:22 PM

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General: Sign The H2: Halloween 2 Petition


To: Weinstein Company/Rob Cummings

To: Robert Bartleh Cummings (A.K.A. Rob Zombie)
CC: Malek Akkad, Bob & Harvey Weinstein
Weinstein Company LLC
345 Hudson St., 13th Fl.
New York, NY 10014

RE: Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

We, the undersigned, ask that Robert Bartleh Cummings (A.K.A. Rob Zombie), director of Weinstein Company/ Dimension Films upcoming motion picture “H2: Halloween 2” reconsider the decision to take the sequel of the re-visioning of Halloween and The Halloween Franchise in the direction in which it has been directed.

We feel that Rob Zombie’s 2007 Re-visioning of Halloween took the film and franchise in a wrong but still salvageable direction. From the information provided by Robert Cummings on the sequel to that motion picture and the trailer released to the internet on youtube.com and movies.yahoo.com. It is clear that he is taking the Halloween franchise further down the spiral from which many fans feel there will be no return.

We feel that from the scenes of the trailer and information provided the film looks to be a mimic of a few combined horror motion pictures. We also feel that his casting of Sheri Lyn Skurkis (A.K.A. Sheri Moon Zombie) is not based on acting ability or merit, but due only to the fact he must cast his spouse in every motion picture he directs. Sheri Moon should be omitted from the cast and those scenes be corrected.

Another major concern for us fans is that it has been reported by Robert Cummings, other cast and news that Michael Myers will not be wearing the classic William Shatner based mask or any altered or re-envisioned concept of that mask for 70% of the feature motion picture.

We the fans ask that Mr. Cummings re-write and re-shoot the film with the deletion of the mentioned scenes and/or plot. We feel that Michael Myers is 100% evil without cause and should be left at that conclusion. If the film is released as it now stands it will without a doubt destroy the entire franchise and become a mockery of what Debra Hill, John Carpenter, Moustapha Akkad, Tommy Lee Wallace and so many others have immortalized in horror motion picture history.


The Undersigned




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9/19/2009 9:36:41 PM
Must see video! Please pass it on. Thanks!
5/16/2009 8:16:21 PM
The wait is OVER!!! Click the Pic for more info!

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