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37 Years old.
many, MA
United States

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3/30/2009 5:54:33 AM

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danib's Interests
General: zombies, rock music, photographing rock bands, building steel concert stages from 60-100 ft in the air, having fun even at the expense of me looking like a dumbass. :) 
Movies: Cereal killer Z...indie-zombie-scifi-romantic-kung-fu movie being put together at the moment and when it is done will be filmed world-wide. http://www.cerealkillerzmovie.com to see a promo trailer. 
Music: Love rock music but also Buddy Guy, Peggy Lee, BB King, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Digital Underground, Run DMC If its good (or so really bad its funny and good) i love it! Esp all those bad 90's hip hop songs that you all know the lyrics to but wont admit you listened to them...I ADMIT I LISTENED TO THEM (and will dance around like a fool to them). I like to have fun. 

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George Romero


Revenant Movie

Queen Beast

Dawna the Dead


Knight Syndrome

Bumpin' Tacos

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