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29 Years old.
Excelsior Springs, MO
United States

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3/9/2010 5:53:37 PM

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General: hmmm tattoos,weirdos, stabing people, music, horror movies,break dancing,i'm up for almost anything ,blood gore ,yetis, i live in a shit hole of a town so anything interests me. myspace.com/twiztidbatman 
Movies: evildead-- evil dead 2- army of darkness -house of a 1000 corpses- devils rejects- zombie -nightof the living dead-dawn of the dead-return of the night of the living dead-re animator-beyond re animator-basket case- i spit on your grave-dead alive-house-bubba hotep-last house on the left-american psycho-beetlejuice-texas chainsaw massacre-fido-otis-dead next door-cannibal holocaust-rear window- psycho- suspiria- the shining- fear and loathing in las vegas- and other random fucked up movies 
Music: Insane Clown posse-Twiztid-Blaze-Dark Lotus-Anybody Killa-jump steady-psychopathic rydaz-suppa villans-boondox-Axe Murder Boyz-esham-kottonmouth kings-King Spade-Sub Noize Soldierz-tech n9ne-tool-lamb of god-shadows fall-slipknot- all that remains-ZAO-sublime-acid bath-a perfect circle-bad acid trip-pantara-Superjoint ritual-down-mushroomhead-fear factory-devil wears prada-rage against the machine-in flames-mindless self indulgence-mudvayne-as i lay dying-slaves on dope-bury your dead-suicide silence-all shall perish-bring me the horizon-once nothing-august burns red-the human abstract-burn the priest-misery signals-emmure-the chariot-as blood runs black-bleeding through-bleed the sky-otep-(hed) pe-norma jean-whitechapel-crotchduster-glass casket-gwen stacy-at the left hand of god-hollywood undead-for today-born of osirus-alexis on fire-40 below summer-underoath-unearth-arch enemy-a life once lost-demon hunter-white zombie-rob zombie-type o negative-the red chord-machine head-the agony scene-a bullet for my valentine-trivium-luta kriss-deftones-devil driver-coal chamber-haste the day-chimara-alice in chains--blood has been shed-Diecast-poison the well-from autumn to ashes- job for a cowboy-from a second story window-winds of pleague-videodrone-nothingface-killswitch-manson-Led Zepplin-skynard-Doors-Pink Floyd-jimi hendrix-clapton-beatles- and a bunch of other shit i cant think of 

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King of Hell

x-Livin Dead Gurl-x

Sarah Dumpster


Queen Beast

aShlEYs Bakk :)

Drop Dead(:


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9/28/2009 6:38:44 PM
Must see video! Please pass it on. Thanks!
4/8/2009 11:22:37 AM
The wait is OVER!!! Click the Pic for more info!

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