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48 Years old.
Seneca Falls, NY
United States

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4/1/2009 12:00:10 PM

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General: Running, Zombies(of Course), Podcasts, Music  
Movies: All Zombie movies, Star Wars, Star Trek, Well Most Horror movies, 98% of the action movies, Indie Films are good as well 
Music: Most types of music are good.  

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9/18/2008 5:04:37 AM
Check out & Teller and & Teller 2 at their world premier screening at the 2008 Eerie Horror Film Festival! http://www.eeriehorrorfilmfestival.com/
From Crackle: & Teller 2
9/11/2008 12:25:56 PM

From Crackle: & Teller 2
8/30/2008 12:04:04 AM
what up man
8/22/2008 7:42:01 PM
Thanks Miked I really only did it as a joke I had no idea that my singing was any good I love to sing but always figured I sucked!
8/20/2008 6:53:27 PM
8/17/2008 2:14:11 PM
Yeha but how many layers till you can't move I sleep with 4 to 5 on with about a dozen blankets ok I don't live in the north pole but we don't use heat in my house it is old and costs way to much.
8/17/2008 2:04:26 PM
I was like 102 yesterday I didn't go anywhere! It cooled off somewhat today but it is still hot. I don't like being cold either!
8/17/2008 1:59:54 PM
You country fair is in town and I am trying to convince myself to get my butt out the door and go back but it is been way to hot and it is slowing me down, plus I have to get some stuff for the house first...argh the heat makes me lazy.
8/17/2008 1:54:08 PM
So far so good, how is your weekend going?
8/17/2008 11:41:38 AM
Hay Miked I joined HELLO!
8/17/2008 5:54:50 AM
hey mike. glad you could join us here, spread the word to the rest of the librarians.
8/16/2008 3:44:36 PM
Welcome to the graveyard, your gonna love it here we have Ghouls, we have fiends, some have brains, but none have lives :x Just kiddin... Photobucket

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